Elphesis is a new Dutch band with his own work in the category melodic rock.

All Systems Go, Dancing in my Heart and falling to pieces are tracks of the new EP to be brought out. These songs received rave critiques from the Netherlands and abroad. In February 2017, Elphesis made their radio debut with Kees Baars in DownTown Café as the debut of the Week. Elphesis played in 2017, among others on the Bevrijdingsfestval Zoetermeer and twice at the Shoreline Festival in Rijswijk. ELPHESIS is:

  • Fernand van Os: lead vocals, keyboards and guitar
  • Máire van Os: lead vocals and backing vocals
  • Karin Meerbeek: guitar and backing vocals
  • Henk Meerbeek: guitar and backing vocals
  • Leo Koelman: bass
  • Rob Wagterveld: drums

Some comments:

  • Mark Lacob (singer/songwriter, New York): Awesome track, great energy, lead singer has a fantastic voice, it’s a hit.
  • Trevor Danton (singer/songwriter, worked for the Who): Good lyrics, excellent!
  • John Warren (Flight of Fire, Detroit) Pretty cool, nice video to go with also, very catchy song.
  • Michel van Dijk (Alquin): I think it’s a nice song, well recorded, well played.

The beginning

Long ago
In a country far away
A people that had found peace
In itself
In the other
into one another

A people of love and songs
A people that transformed into light

They are still with us
You know the
You know the
You feel the
Deep in Your Soul

The name of the country is ELPHESIS
The name of the city is ELPHESIS
The name of the people is ELPHESIS

The love and the songs live